KU Introduction au droit Commercial francais

Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Isabelle Urbain-Parléani

Report on the course by Agnes Kobori:

Bienvenue ! Si vous vous intéressez au droit commercial français, au droit des sociétés, leur histoire, sources et structures comme les défis actuelles (par exemple concernant l’environnement) et si vous auriez envie d’en savoir plus*- then you are at the right place, as these are the topics covered in the one-week course “Introduction au droit Commercial français”, held by Prof. Isabelle Urbain-Parléani from the legal faculty of the Université Paris Cité.

I would describe this course as an interactive lecture which provides an interesting insight into the
course procedures at a French law school. It is therefore especially helpful and a good exercise for
students who plan to complete a semester in France- like a try-out-course.

The lecture covers different aspects of French commercial law: from the evolution of business law
across Europe, legal approaches to challenges in connection with globalization and other modernday
developments to company structures. On the last day, there is a short oral exam, but don’t
worry, if you were mentally present, this is nothing more than a conversation about the topics you
found the most interesting.

I would recommend the course for those who already have some knowledge about commercial law
and are interested in working (especially in a francophone environment). Knowledge of the French
language on at least B2-level is necessary for a profound understanding of the contents and a basic
know-how of French legal terminology is of advantage as well.

In conclusion, it can be said that, however intense, it is a course full of diverse topics from which –
provided that there is interest- one can only profit. For me personally it was an especially unusual
week as I was the only student taking part in the course. However (or maybe exactly for this reason) I
was able to really get to know various facets of French commercial law that I otherwise would have
possibly never heard of, and I can highly recommend participating in this lecture.

C’était certainement une expérience unique- it was certainly a unique experience.

*) Welcome! If you are interested in learning about French commercial law, company law, its history,
sources and structures as well as modern-day legal challenges (for example concerning the
environment) and if you would like to know more-